Anyone had success with SixAxis Controller?


Oct 22, 2012
I am trying to use SixAxis Controller 0.5.7 + Original PS3 controller.
It is able to connect to the PS3 Controller, and i am able to use it to play on FPSE or SuperGNES.
I dont know why, but it will always give me "Boot Abnormal Kernel Panic" like 1-2 minutes into the game(s).
I also read on the Chinese forums that other people are using sixaxis with their M1 phone without any problems. I've flashed each rom build onto my phone after a full rom/data/cache wipe.

I've tried:

1. FPSE PSX Emulator
2. SuperGNES Nintendo Emulator ; indicates that it's not an issue related to rom / emulator
3. MIUI Stable ICS20/21 Builds
4. Lenny's Australia MIUI build 2.11.9 / 2.11.5
5. Miui Weekly 2.11.16 / 2.11.9
6. Source Android 4.04 ICS QDR68
7. Tested my controller + app on Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G, works fine.

When i use it with Source 4.04, the app couldn't even start the driver, said something about Missing File or directory. I tested to see if it's a root problem, but Titanium Backup started just fine.

It will only give me the Kernel Panic when i use the PS3 controller to game.
Normal Non-Gaming use of the phone is fine MOST of the time, but it does (rarely) give me kernel panic.

I know that all of the builds i tried so far are using the Kernel 3.08 taishan i believe.
Not sure if using Miui 2.3 would help, since gingerbread uses kernel 2.6. But i'll try that later.

I have not tried using CM9 yet, because it does not have full camera functions.

Update: Managed to download a very old copy of SixAxis Controller version 0.3.2, and it's working fine so far on SuperGNES, will try FPSE later.

tried 0.53, it gives kernel panic also.


Oct 22, 2012
tested SixAxis 0.5.3 / 0.5.7 / 0.3.2 on MIUI v4 Stable ICS16(9/21/2012) and Lenny's Aus 2.10.12 , still get kernel crashes

played 1 hour on FPSE and 30 minutes on SuperGNES using MIUI Weekly 2.7.20
will continue testing other roms to see when it starts going downhill

weekly 2.8.3 - tested few hours seems fine
weekly 2.8.31 - Kernel panic in 1 minute
weekly 2.8.24 - kernel panic ...
2.8.10 Aus -- kernel panic

2.8.3 Aus - kernel panic very quickly..going back to weekly 2.8.3 to test again.

weekly 2.8.3 - played for 2 hours perfectly fine with some phone calls in between.....
weekly 2.8.10 - seems fine so far for 2 hours
weekly 2.8.17 - played for 1 hour, so far so good.

Conclusion: Something changed between 2.8.17 and 2.8.24.. Causing Kernel Panic in all patches 2.8.24 and beyond. I will continue to test 2.8.17, and then 2.8.24 again to verify it.

At least in these old patches i am able to go landscape mode when sending text message..


Oct 22, 2012
can someone with ps3 controller test this out? im getting kernel panic on All miui builds after 2.8.24 up to the current 2.11.16

right now im staying with 2.8.17as it is the latest version which works.
2.8.17 doesnt give kernel panic…but crashes sometimes …not sure if its related

need to find out the exact cause that triggers kernel panic on all new builds