Are exclusive & China-based ROMs a safer bet ?


Aug 2, 2022
1. Normally, exclusive Global Phones (e.g. Xiaomi 11T Pro) don't have a Chinese original ROM so they rely on Global ROM for the ROM. [1] (see Codename vili below)
I deduce that this causes inconveniences for the team and they may not be able to integrate well china-based apps like MIUI dialer in a Global ROM which doesn't support these apps originally.

2. Some phones share many market names, which means one ROM fits all (see veux, veux_p), whilst others use a ROM based on a different device (like the chinese Mi11Lite5gNE using chinese Mi11LE).


The Mi 11 seems like a safer bet since the device doesn't share a ROM with any other and the China and Global market version uses identical hardware, right ?
I've read so far that Google backup doesn't restore a backup from global to china and viceversa. Xiaomi cloud doesn't seem to have that problem, though.