[Ask] Is this real or fake Xiaomi Pistons 2?

Jul 15, 2014
Just bought Xiaomi Piston 2 for 1 hrs and I noticed something strange

Please tell me if it's fake or not , because I found out that the cardboard cover information is different from everything i saw on internet also a little bit on information part
I need prove so i can return to the seller

here's some photo

what i notice strange?
1. it's written GB/T-14471-93 not
i found out that GB/T code is for plastic version piston in the ******* web
2.open the card board, the left and right side Picture and Information is different from general (usually it's how to unpack the earphones now it's the button function comparison on apple and android)
3.there are no number 2 after the chinese character name in the description
4.seller said it's handcarry from china and nothing strange beside that 3 item, even the MI printed logo is same also button working charm on my xiaomi redmi
5.sound? can't tell just burn in for 2hrs a change on mid stage (before it was dull)

sry my bad english :(