Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic / Mi Air 2 SE - Missing animation with 3 battery levels


Sep 6, 2023
I recently broke my earphones and since I was used to them I bought a new pair of the same model (TWSEJ08WM). The new model however doesn't trigger the usual animation, neither to pair nor after pairing, where it showed an illustration of the box when opened along with the battery levels for the box and both left and right earphones individually. Here's an example of that:

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I started thinking that this might be a fake/clone, and so I have tried and talked to one Xiaomi Global support representative and he couldn't tell me if this was normal, he also couldn't find the S/N for it in their system (neither old nor new earphones), but that didn't really mean much to me.

As a last resort I wanted to ask people who had this model of earphones (or other from Mi) if you are aware of changes in this regards. Here are the changes that I have spotted so far:
  • Old pair, on first BT pairing, just by opening the case it would trigger an animated prompt asking to press on one of the earphones to confirm ownership and pairing, new one needs to be paired like any common BT device through BT menu;
  • Old pair used to trigger the smartphone to show an animation and comprehensive battery status when opening the earphone's case (image link above), new one doesn't do that;
  • Old pair would only start playing audio after being removed from inside the case and placed into the ear, new pair starts blaring on both earphones while still inside the case, if I just remove one the second inside the case keeps playing until I close the case;
  • Old pair would be reset to defaults by touching and holding the touch-sensing area for a few seconds and then blink intermittently, new pair is reset to factory in pretty much the same way but plays a jingle as confirmation.
  • Earphones LEDs are dimmer on old pair, new pair has brighter LEDs.
  • Old pair has a smother and glossy reflective plastic case on the outside, newer one looks very similar but the plastic just feels "cheaper" and the finishing isn't glossy (although the inside is pretty much the same), the earphones themselves look pretty much the same too.
This is what I've noticed so far, internals could have more differences but I don't want to dissect this in case I need to return it.