Back from the brink but still need help...


Mar 20, 2012
Hi guys,

Had a complete disaster over the weekend, some moron spilt vodka and lemonade all over my mi-one. Almost cried. Anyway took battery out, left overnight to dry. Turned on and seemed to work but speaker wouldn't work and it showed there was a headset plugged in symbol and moisture under the display. Dried with a hairdryer a bit which was stupid in hindsight but it but seemed to fix the speaker. Anyway I took the battery out again after that quick test and left in a bowl of rice to fully dry for 2 days. And it seems to be fully functional now. No screen moisture, no call issues or anything else. Just hope it holds up, fingers crossed

Anyway before that happened I was gonna post anyway as i'm having a slight issue with 3G. I'm on T-mobile but use the orange network most of the time as reception is better. Problem is it sometimes has issues with getting on to 3G, especially after I restart the phone for some reason, stays stuck on regular 2G then eventually connects after a while.Seems totally random, then sometimes it can stay on 3G for ages with no problem, or I can try and go on and again it will be stuck on 2g even though I know i'm in an area with good coverage.

I am running the latest OTA stable 2.3.5r update. Any help appreciated...