Battery Usage Force Close


May 13, 2011
This is happening on my Defy not sure if it is device specific. I decided to see how long i could make my battery last under my normal usage. After 27 hours i was at 10% and i thought maybe i will check what has been using the most battery.

I went to settings, system, battery settings. Chose Battery use option and i get a force i know it was working earlier in that day. I charge up and still not working so i reboot and it works again.

On a side not the Coin Dozer game is top of the battery usage list with 18%...makes me wonder how long it would last without me playing that game!


Aug 22, 2011
this is happening on my Evo, rebooting the phone helps but sometimes takes a few tries. have you found a solution?


Apr 26, 2011
As far as I can tell it seems to do with the amount of time the battery monitor is running for. Over 72 hours of power monitoring and I get force close. Easiest way to deal with it is to turn off the option "Monitor Power Usage" and then turn it back on. This will clear the current usage GRAPHS (but not the percent used by apps) and you will get no FC for another few days until the data build up and causes it to FC again.