Best from 2 worlds (ROMs)


Jun 29, 2011
MIUI ROM is the best rom if you like to customize everything from bootanimation to how the phone looks like (Themes).
However- the homescreens have been for me the place where I could show off my phone with some cool widgets and handy shortcuts to calendar widgets and so on. Having the homescreens filled with installed apps was for me the only thing that made MIUI not my no1 ROM. I was switching between MIUI and CyanogenMOD and could not decide. But today I tried my forgotten LauncherPro again. And VOILA.....!!!!
Now I have the best from 2 worlds- (read ROMs) I have good old applauncher and my homescreens are now mine again :)
I really hope the developers will consider to implement "old style" applauncher and not fill up homescreens with installed apps. I know that it is possible to make folders and have all the shortcuts in those folders but that is not wery convinient.
At least consider the possibility to have an applauncher as an option in ROM for the "old-style" users out there ;-)
(sorry-english are not my native language...)
Haha, this request is old like world :D
Almost all that you see is MIUI launcher and get it changeable turns this into CM.
Haha, this request is old like world :D
Almost all that you see is MIUI launcher and get it changeable turns this into CM.

Thanx for the developers out there then, that makes such apps that makes an almost good ROM into an exellent ROM and everybody's happy ;)
If they would change the launcher it wont be MIUI anymore... if you really want "old" launcher just use go launcher, you can have folders and themes just like miui but theres an app drawer..
theres no need for an app drawer, if this is what you want, find an app draw app (lol) on the market, and install that.
OR make a folder called APP and put all your apps into that
i still run widges on my phone, but i use the standard miui launcher, in fact, my main home screen only has room for one row of icons
heres how it looks
beuatiful widge
blik calendar widget
row of apps

the idea of multiple home screens is so that you can fit your widgets on other screens, i personally only use 3 home screens

contact shortcuts|main screen with widgets| apps in folders all nice and tidy

its simple if your organised
i definately dont liek the iphone look where its basically just a big bunch of app icons
thats why i like the built in "folder organiser"

keep u pthe good work MIUI your doing an awesome job