New Boot loop RescueParty Xiaomi SecurityService crashing


Sep 13, 2022

POCO F3 EU version, MIUIv13/

I ended up in TWRP because of Rescue Party Trigger. When I search the logcat for errors I find the Xiaomi Security service crashes early after boot (30-60 seconds after launcher screen).
Not attempting to restart service The system is shutting down.
I found out that disabling all network (e.g. by airplane mode) I'm able top prevent the restart but it will eventually happen after few hours when the SecurityService presumably starts some background network related activity (might be AV definition updates or something).

I reflashed again to no avail. I did not delete nor format the data partition yet.

Any ideas to get my phone back to usable state are welcomed!

Thank you in advance.
i had this problem while i was on the previous version so i tried to update but it didn't work, found any solution? did you try to format?

edit: btw it started to loop when i was messing with a privacy setting about allowing apps to access my virtual id and i clicked "uncheck all"
I made a backup using TWRP to my OTG USB stick and then wipe/formatted the data partition. The backup, though reported to finished successfully, rendered completely useless as at the very end of restore it always reports error 255 and nothing is actually restored.
In addition I reflashed latest rom (the same version over -, wiped/formatted the data partition which resulted in factory reset (expected) after which I booted into fresh OS and I was asked to verify XIAOMI account as the phone has been locked and protected before.
After clicking on send verification code I never receive anything from XIAOMI/POCO so now I'm left with bricked phone.

Good luck to you.
I found out that when my SIM is inserted in my phone after factory reset I never receive recovery code by SMS. I've put my SIM into another phone and was able to recover my phone by Xiaomi account. Since re-flash and data partition format my phone works reliably for several days now.
Of course I had to give up all apps and data and install and activate everything again manually.
So far it looks there's nothing wrong with the phone but it was one of my apps. I was using Nova launcher in admin mode - now I've switched to MIUI launcher. Maybe Nova was failing and causing the crash but it's just a speculation at this point.