1. M

    Invalid MIUI 13 not opening apps on click

    So, I've got this massive problem with my new Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. When I attempt to open an application via the home screen, it stays on the icon's clicking shade. Then, it says "System Launcher has stopped". I press OK, and it reloads. How I use apps is once I reboot, I have like 30 and fewer...
  2. R

    Invalid Mi 11 Ultra - Random Reboots and Crashes

    Hello, Since I bought this phone even with OEM CHINA ROM my phone restarts by itself even when I am using it. I have installed EU Weekly to see if it fixes the problem but it keeps rebooting. I have tried TWRP by formatting and erasing everything but the phone keeps rebooting itself. Any...
  3. K

    Contacts and Dialer/Phone and Messaging app are not working properly (MIUI 12.5 Stable ROM, Poco F3)

    I've installed MIUI 12.5 Stable ROM on my Poco F3 last week and found that I have issues with 12.5. On the Phone app, the contacts under contacts tab is always stuck in "Contact list is being updated", so I can't import my .vcf file that contains all my contacts. Also, I don't see any...
  4. A

    New Gallery keeps stopping, making the phone unusable

    Device: Mi 10T Rom: MIUI 12 / V12.0.11.0.QJDCNXM Stable
  5. R

    Invalid on Xiaomi Device

    Hey everyone, in our company we are currently investigating a crash which we can't reproduce and don't know when it is happening. The crash was getting more and more over the past weeks and is responsible for more than 50% of all our crashes. It happens mostly on Xiaomi devices, but also on...
  6. G

    Invalid MIUI 12 Messaging app crash

    the messaging app crashes constantly my phone is redmi 6 pro i recently updated to the miui 12 stable version and the messaging app isn't working, when I go to settings ,apps, system apps, messaging, it doesn't open, when I go to the app data then clear data then reboot still same problem...
  7. L

    New RN8 screen lock

    Good morning, because the problem has been happening to me since previous versions and I wanted to find a solution. When I play COD mobile especially and I just make a WhatsApp call at the same time, what happens is that when I want to lower the notification bar or raise or lower the volume, it...
  8. M

    Invalid themes crashing miui 10 rn5a

    So i got ugglite (redmi note 5a 2gb) and i just installed rom (didnt bother installing it sooner cause i actually liked the global miui 11, compared to miui 10) cause my global rom was unusable at this point, and wanted to finally try, but i encountered few...
  9. D

    New [weekly][20.3.6][Mi 6] Crash when using Wallpapers app

    In Wallpaper app, when I open any set of wallpaper it crashes
  10. M

    Invalid Summoners war

    Hello, i'm on Android 10 with my k20 pro. Summoners war is not smooth. Can you help me? I think it's cause of sound effect.
  11. L

    Forced Close to Browser and File Manager

    Well, I don't know if that is a bug, or just my issue. After 2 clean installations version 9.11.14 (weekly) on my Mi9T Pro, when I try to open the browser or the file manager, they open but not to the screen. Then, if I go to the recent apps and I click on them, I get an error message: "Security...
  12. Poipoi

    Resolved Calendar persistent crash on Miui 11 stable

    Hi @Igor Eisberg , I just installed the latest stable Miui 11 for gemini. After loggin in with google, I noticed that half of the events on the calendar were missing, so I decided to delete the Calendar app data. After deleting the data, I cannot open the app anymore as it crashes as soon as I...
  13. T

    New 9.10.31--->9.11.7. Mi MIX 2 Google Search App crash

    It's a constant problem.
  14. R

    Google play services stopped

    Hi everyone, Recently I updated my mi 9 to the newest miui 11 (9.10.17). Everything was fine but every time I opened the google play store it crashed. It said: “google play store stopped” and after I clicked that notification away, a new notification popped up: “Google play services stopped”. I...
  15. Fasor2K

    New Enabling ultra battery saver causes Security app to keep chrashing endlessly

    Hello, I'm using a Mi 8 Global 6/64 with ROM Beta 9.8.9 (clean install, I was on Global Stable previously). If I try to turn on the ultra battery saver the screen suddenly turns black (I think a soft reboot kicks in) and then when it turns back on I'm asked for my SIM card PIN and my...
  16. Ivo001

    Constant crash messages ( + more)

    I tried to do a fresh install of the latest software (9.6.5) via TWRP. I did wipe system, data, dalvik and cache, then flash the rom. when booting i constantly get 3 crash messages: keeps stopping android.process.acore keeps stopping MTP Host keeps stopping And a message...
  17. Gioacchino Poletto

    App complete uninstall

    Hi guys, I have some problem with an app for bank access. I have changed my bank account and I think that app call bank server and crash because my account was changed. Bank have cancelled my old account but is possible that something is saved into my Note 4X ? Can I delete all files stored by...
  18. ploosqva

    New Music app crashes right after start

    I cannot start music app (somehow called More). It crashes with one if two exceptions, both related to Firebase. I'm running Mi8 SE and 8.8.23
  19. N

    Signal Messenger Crash At Startup

    Hello, since last weeks build I have the following problem: The Signal Messenger App crashes each time I try to start it with the following error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create application org.thoughtcrime.securesms.ApplicationContext: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to...
  20. nlacsoft

    New [8.3.1] Entering Tts Output Crashes Settings

    After a clean install of the 8.3.1 weekly ROM, installed Google Text-To-Speech engine and trying to enter the settings of TTS output (Additional settings / Language & input / Text-to-speech output or via Accessibility), the Settings app crashes and restarts. MIUI 9.3 (8.3.1 eu), IDO (Redmi 3 Pro)