New [brick] Rn3p Randomly Bootlooped..

Mar 29, 2016
Hello, i just created an account here and i need big help.

So week ago i purchased RN3P and i actually enjoy the phone but today when i was typing message it randomly restarded. After failed boot few times the "android" logo on the bottom switched into progress bar that also failed to finish few times.

After maybe 4th attempt the phone booted and all stuff i had was back but it was running very slowly and laggy and after few minutes it restarted once again and after that it was restarting everythime it managed to boot.

So first thing i was suspecting was broken ROM so i switched it to 7.1.8 global stable from this site (previously was 7.1.9 global stable), but even after i flashed new room the device was lagging and restarting right after language selector shows. After few attemps i managed to pick something but now phone is in bootloop in ****** logo.

I was adviced to try official global china rom but i cant flash anything anymore cause few things:
- I cant turn on USB debugging anymore (cant get into settings, maybe theres a way?)
- MiPCSuite dont see my phone when its in Fastboot mode (says "Couldn't Flash Device, when trying to flash something).
- I cant flash anything through MIflash cause adb devices command dont see anything, i also read about fastboot oem edl thingy but it says FAILED.

Please help, i need my phone asap to work.
Thank you in advance.


With Rn3p you can't flash with spflash like in Redmi note 3 mtk ? It can be a solution.
You can try to flash it with another PC