New bug hasaMIUI 2.10.12

Oct 20, 2012
i wanna report some bug that ive met when using this update for 6 days..

1. whatsapp can't send picture, its always said "try again latter"
2. line messenger language turns into chinesse, i tried to edit db using sql editor then it mkes force close
3. proximity sensors still annoy me when using headset tomakea call, therefore i can't get the on-call menu

is all of this fixed on 2.10.19 ??

i'm currently download it, but what is the fixe or the difference between 2.10.12 and 2.10.19 for xperia mini pro???

~i've been using MIUI since there are ported for galaxy mini, and now i'm using xperia mini pro and still fall in love with this rom~