[Bug Report detailed list] V.1.7.22, 1.7.15, 1.7.8


Jul 14, 2011
All this bugs find on Motorola Defy, but I belive the majority of them regards MIUI in general.

1. boot: the boot procedure and the recovery both works with very poor screen light. this bug started from 1.7.15 and persists in 1.7.22

2. unlock screen: after the boot seems that the cpu priority gived to unlock the screen is very low. It is not possible to immediatly unlock the screen and type the sim card pin. It is necessary to wait 4/5 seconds and more before one can unlock and type the pin. That causes some 3rd party widget failed to start. This bug started from 1.7.15 and persists in 1.7.22

3. Contacts: it is not possible to create a contact shortcut with his original image (still visible in contacts) anymore. Just the defaul icon or the gallery option, any contact image can bee seen. Bug not present in 1.7.8.

4. Media Player: after the first time of the random play choice, seems not possible to listen in normal order anymore. I had to reset the Media Player data with Titan to have the normal listening order back working. bug find out in 1.7.8, do not know before. Still present in 1.7.22.

5. Tether: the tether does not work, not in USB mode, not in WIFI. Seems there is not WIFI routines at all. And the the "WIFI tether for root users" (both stable and beta) works but not in infrastucture mode. In Eclair and in Froyo the same software "WIFI tether for root users" did.


I hope this bug report will be at least read from developers.

I appreciate the very big work on MIUI, and I now it's free.

My aspectation with this and future bug reports is not the immediate solving, but mainly that it will be read from you. In contrary I'll never spent my time in this report.

At disposal to new bug report procedure, also.

Let me know.

Congratulation to all MIUI developers.

Kind regards.