Bugs Galore - Nexus S

Jan 30, 2011
1. MMS messages any size do NOT download. It just keeps saying 'downloading' indefinitely

2. Pattern Lock Screen enabled disables sliding lock screen after a few hours of use. Not initially. At first the sliding lockscreen is present and then simply vanishes. Will only return after pattern lock is disabled.

3. Icons disappear from time to time from homescreen and within folders. Sometimes can be found 'hiding' behind other icons. Sometimes not. Application is not uninistalled or disabled. Icon is just missing. Can be found using other launchers, or search.

4. Enabling 'PIN code' password doesn't do anything. No PIN code is required to unlock the phone. Just the slider.

5. Using Dark Theme font size options in 'settings are illegible - FIXED in new update!

6. Phone freezes when using the MIUI music app via bluetooth headset and switching from normal playback to shuffle playback