New Calibrate headset buttons not working

Aug 13, 2013
Xiaomi Mi2S over here. I recently found the settings option to calibrate the buttons on your headset, happy I grapped my Denon AHC-560R earphones to try it out.
Unfortunately when asked to press the top button and doing so, nothing happens.
This might be more of a unsupported hardware problem but I'm not sure..
When I press the middle button it does seem to recognise it and it will say I'm pressing the wrong button!

Is anybody else experiencing similar problems with their headsets?
Jul 22, 2013
I'm having exactly the same problem with a XiaoMi Mi2A, MIUI V5 3.8.9, using the iphone's headset.
I bought the xiaomi headset and that is working fine, so I guess there must be something wrong/different with the apple's headsets.
I read on internet that there are basically two standards for the headset's pinout, so it is my guess that the pinout of the apple's headset doesn't match with the xiaomi one.
Anyway I haven't been able to find a clear answer for that.
Beside the up/down keys, everything else seems to be working fine with the iphone's headset: earbuds, mic and central button, so I'm puzzled at it.
I don't understand, if the pinout is incorrect, how can the other things work... :-(
Aug 13, 2013
My earphones are also designed for iphone, so I'm guessing the apple pinout standard isnt fully compatible with the xiaomi. I dont know if there might be some way to get around this only by software..