New Call Recording in Contact History Call Log


May 28, 2022
Hi all. Poco F3 22.5.25, latest. Clean install, with data formatting. Problem with call recording. Automatic call recording is enabled in the settings, for all numbers. When talking, the recording turns on by itself, and then it is noted that the conversation is recorded. When entering through the voice recorder> call recording, recorded conversations are present, but if you enter through the dialer and open a specific call in the call log, then there will be no function to listen to, either for outgoing or incoming calls from unknown numbers or numbers from the address book, as if there were no records and no. On the previous firmware, even on the A11, everything worked right away, without problems. Has anyone come across this particular case? It is clear that there is a record, but it is much more convenient to look through the call log, as in the screenshot presented, without entering the voice recorder.


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