Call recording


Feb 16, 2012
Hello guys i tried to use the call recording option and it seams not to be working anymore.

I worked fine on 2.2.10 did not tried it on .17 but now i'm on 2.2.24 and does not work

I pres the button but nothing happens any ideas?

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Nevermind guys it has been solved but funny thing.

I went through out other posts to see of i can help answering some topics, and i tried to check a camera bug and when i opened the camera app i git the "sd unmounted or unavailable "error . Strange as i was listening to music from the sd card on the same time. I unmounted the sdcard and mounted again an the camera along with the call recording where fonctioning...

So bottom line i had this sdcard error a yesterday also when a market app update was unsuccesfull. I personaly think my card is fragmented and with errors on it as per usage as mp3 plqyer of my phone .

I'll defragment the card and run a check disk to see if i'm right.
Sorry for the usless post

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not useless post at all, someone else may encounter this :)