Camera app opens but does not respond.


May 6, 2011
I can open the camera and it displays what it sees but it is stuck in the sense that no button works. When you try to press on things you get a message saying "Sorry! Activity camera (in application Camera) is not responding" and you can chose between Force close and Wait.
This happens in miuiandroid_Desire-1.4.29 and in the 1.4.22 version, using HTC Desire of course.

Please help.

Try to get into settings and turn off auto focus

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Oh I can't believe it but I fixed it!!!
I was just strolling around the phone's settings and then went to applications - camera. I was planning to try and Force Stop it again, but it wasn't running. Then I noticed the Clear Data button! Pressed it and it now works like a charm :)
Now it all makes sense that even with formatting the phone and installing newer MIUI roms the problem still remained. Because I might have fomatted, but I restored the camera application as it previously was!

Hope this solution helps anyone with a similar problem.