Cannot Post On Microsoft Surface

Sep 2, 2015
Hi I joined around 10 days ago.I have been unable to post on my surface (it lets me input Thread Titlet then Sticks!!! I have cleared the Cache but no luck !!) I bought a Mi Note from China (I live in Thailand) the phone obviously has the Chinese operating system!!I
failed to flash the appropriate Rom (Unfortunately not Tech Savvy ) Then all kinds of Glitches Suddenly the Phone could not find the Sim Card (No Sim Card) I tried Clearing
the Cache in Recovery mode but nothing worked.The Company I bought the Phone from kindly said that if I took a Video of insrting Sim etc. as proof they would refund me. I took the phone to a shop and asked them to download the Rom (I hoped this might fix it ) The technician cut down the Sim Card and it Works in the Second Sim tray but the rom he has downloaded is not the one I asked him to !! OK NOW THE SIM IS RECOGNISED.But I cannot install my Microsoft A/C I installed Gmail in less than a minute but for MICROSOFT the Syncing Symbol just keeps rotating!!I also keep getting. this NOTIFICATION WHICH SAYS (reactivate sync Sim card is not activated) If someone can give me a little help here I will be so Grateful
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