"Cannot receive hello packet" locked bootloader note 4 3/32gb Qualcomm totally bricked !

Jun 27, 2018
Hey guy's I bricked my phone few days ago, my screen pops miui logo for 0.5 sec and it turns off right after.
I'm able to access fastboot and EDL mode after the test points thing.

I'm actualy trying to flash a ROM with xiaomi flash 2016.08.30 (I tried soooo many versions of xiaomiflash).
My pc have every qualcomm drivers and my phone is rightly detected as "Qualcomm HS-USB QD Loader 9008"

1. I disassembled the phone and disconnected/connected battery - no effect
2. I installed QPST and tried to flash using QFIL - no effect
3. I tried to use several versions of MiFlash - no effect
4. I installed several versions of Qualcomm drivers - no effect
5. I reinstalled 'Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E' into 'Qualcomm HS-USB QD Loader 9008' driver - no effect

And I still have the "cannot receive hello packet" problem

Can somebody help me or have any solution ?
Thx a lot people !