Can't hang up a call


Oct 31, 2011
Hello, I can't hang up a voice call on MIUI.

I searched in this forum and on the forums of other MIUI related sites but didn't found other people having the same problem.

I'm using a Desire HD with MIUI version 1.10.21 flashed with full wipe.

It happened when I started the call, don't know if it happens the same when I'm the one receiving the call. By the way I'm using the default dialer.

I'll try to flash v1.10.28 with a clean install (full wipe and no backup restore of any type) but didn't saw anything on the changelog, so don't have my hopes on it

It never gave me that problem with previous versions (a few months ago), and I don't have other phone to test whether it is a platform-specific problem, that's the reason I posted it on the general forum.

Hope someone could help me
I got same problems with my Optimus 2x. Did you solve it yet?

I solved the problem, but not with an ideal solution. @tuanda82, the only I can recomend by now is to flash a new version (of course, with full wipe) or return to a previous nandroid and see what happens. Hope that you had better luck.

By now, I'm back to 1.7.29 version, and without the hang-up problem, but with others :(

The call problem began when the SAP returned me the terminal because a faulty volume key, then rooted the phone and restored the last nandroid. As the problel didn't solved, I flashed the 1.10.21 version with full wipe, but the problem was still present. Later I restored to a nandroid I had in case of emergency, the 1.7.29 one, that didn't gave me any problem... but nowadays I'm having hardware problems. The SAP did a swap on the terminal, and actually I think that the phone they returned me is going worse.

For those with a Desire HD, check if you're having those:

If the DHD randomly reboot or shutdown, is possible that the problem is, well the battery pins, that are somewhat bended and not contact cleanly; or well the simcard, that is not fixed and, when moving, force the phone to shutdown.

If the car/dock mode randomly activates, even when not attached to anything, is the USB problem. It seems that pin 4 and 5 make contact, and fools the phone to think that is docked to the car. The problem is that IT KILLS THE BATTERY =(

If the screen randomly turns on, the speaker activates always on a call, and a steerwheel appears at the notification bar, that is the car mode that I described before.

I'm going to send the phone to repair again, and PRAY for receive a good swap this time... if anyone knows of better options, please tell me.