Can't install 3rd Party apks

Oct 5, 2014
I got my Mi Pad today and can't install apps.
I installed the latest weekly ROM and tried to install titanium backup with the apk.
It shows me this windows:

Tapping on the green button does nothing..
Jun 16, 2014
I don't know my advice can help you more or less since I've forgot Chinese language for many years but if you can't install it directly, you can

1. use other app like Clean Master install app instead.

2. Sometime because of Anti-Virus system app, not allow you to install app that content virus. You can fix by downloading Link2SD app > then open app and freeze Anti-Virus System App > install the app you want > open Link2SD again and unfreeze Anti Virus system app. (To prevent virus, malware of course.)

Hope my advice will help you solve the problem ;)

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