Can't set PIN/Password after trying out custom ROM and reverting to my backup.


Nov 3, 2019
I was using Latest BETA (MIUI 11, Android 10) and wanted to try Pixel Experience and Havoc OS, both on Android 10. I couldn't get the Pixel Experience ROM to install so i tried the Havoc OS. The problem was i couldn't get GApps to work properly and i couldn't set PIN/Password or Pattern (or Fingerprint because it requires PIN etc.) at all. I went back to my backup, it was a full backup except Cache. Not i'm on Latest Beta and the PIN/Pattern etc. still doesn't work. I just can't set it at all, i go to the settings to do it, i put the PIN i want and it prompts me to use fingerprint that i cannot set either. The sensor itselft works (i think) because it wakes up my device, it just doesn't register a new fingerprint. Any ideas how to fix this? Everything else works fine just like before maybe except telephoto camera but it's less significant right now.

I really need help guys.
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