New Can't turn on music via BT headset

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by kiswum, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hi there, this could be a bug for the original rom as well:

    Every Monday, after I connect my Jabra headset to my phone I encounter the same minor bug.
    My phone doesn't reply to the buttons I use on my headset.
    When I turn on the music directly on my phone, than the BT headset is able to use the play/volume/FF buttons on my headset. I can also turn the music off by turning of my BT headset.
    When I turn the headset on again, I encounter the same problem, the phone doesn't recognize the buttons of my headset
    The same things also happens on Tuesday or any other day.

    How is this caused?
    Every Saturday I update the firmware of my phone with the newest ML Miui rom. When the upgrade is completed I leave it as it is and play with my phone and test the newest features.

    Reboot the phone right after the update and it will be able to communicate properly with the BT headset (this could also be important if you use BT music on the headunit/radio of your car).

    BUG: BT set is not able to communicate with the music player, unless the music player is turned on by the user.

    Phone: Xiaomi Mi2s
    Multiple versions including the latest: Miui-4.2.14
  2. Seems to be fixed in 4.2.21...

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