Change from Google Dialer to Miui dialer in Mi 10T Pro


Apr 13, 2022
Dear all,

I currently have a Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro on version The phone doesn't have the Mi Dialer and for me it's important to record the calls. I did some research and found some tutorials for Poco X3 suggesting to install the Indonesian or Taiwan Global versions, also they say that there's no data loss doing it, but nobody says anything regarding my model Mi 10T Pro.

I saw some tutorial and based on that I got the following packages:

If I do the procedure I saw in the video for Poco X3 using the packages above, will I have a data loss? After this procedure will I finally have the Mi Dialer?

It's my first time in this forum, I tried to find someone with exactly the same issue but I didn't that's why I'm opening this post. Please someone that faced this issue or at least know the answer, clarify this situation for me.

Thanks, appreciate.