Chinese theme-section?


Nov 25, 2010

I love some of the themes downloadable through the theme managers online section.
The only problem is that it takes like 1 minute for 1% of the theme to download. And because of some weird reason, the download fails after a while.

It would be sweet with a sub-section in the themes department with chinese themes.
You wouldn't have to deal with the slow download-speeds, since we would use other file-sharing websites, and the amount of themes on this site would increase drastically.

Yeah. This is really annoying prob. But i think the fault is not the rom, but servers or so. But! Correct if I'm wrong :)

Edit: Aand i was just too quicke whit my reply :D

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Yea its Chinese servers so its nothing to do with us sadly, i am going to be speaking to them about hopefully having some access to the API so i can make an English ThemeManager.apk but we'll see.