Considering applying an eu rom


Jul 28, 2023
I've got a Xiaomi 12 Lite running 14.0.19 TLIEUXM
Most things work fine but I have a couple of issues and I'd like to know if they would be addressed by changing rom.

1. Random screen brightness
With auto brightness enabled, when I unlock the phone sometimes the display is over saturated and very bright. I relock and unlock again and it's fine.

2. Wireless Android Auto
Android Auto via wireless works fine while I have a data connection. When my 4/5G drops it continues to work. But as soon as the data connection reconnects the wireless connection drops out for around 10/15 seconds. In an area with poor mobile signal this is a pain and makes Wireless Android Auto unusable.

Does anyone know if I'll still have these issues ?
Will applying a different rom give me any adverts or cause any issues with UK banking apps, google wallet etc.
Anything else I should be aware of ?