Contact Management/Designation


Aug 7, 2011
Hey guys... anyone come up with a good solution on how to assign new contacts?

In standard Androind, when creating a new contact you can choose which account the contact is created under for the upward sync. This is useful for someone like me with separate business and personal accounts that are obviously together on a mobile device but very separate when not mobile.

I don't want to risk mixing or anything, so at the moment I've resorted to sending myself an sms with details to add later when I am back at a PC.

It looks like you can kind of do this, but in a weird way.

Typical Android:

Once you tap to create a new contact it asks which account you want to create the contact under (Google Personal, Google Business, Phone, etc)... easy.


Once you tap to create a new contact, it doesn't ask you... it just proceeds with the contact form and creation.

What you can do, is in Settings>Personal, tap Accounts & Sync and at the bottom (below the "Manage accounts" section is an "Account Selection" section. I had no idea what this section was for and I don't know if it has any intended purpose other than this, but whatever Google accounts or checked... that is where new accounts get created.

For example, I have 3 Google accounts on my phone. Personal, Business, and a semi-garbage account where I send some stuff when I am not really sure I want to use my completely legit addresses.

Up until I was testing this out, all 3 were checked by default... and any new contacts were created on all 3 Google accounts. So I tried various combinations of one or two checked at a time and it does work. Whatever account is checked is where the contact is created (be it one account or multiple accounts).

So is this convenient? No. I will leave the garbage account unchecked of course, but for personal contacts I need to make sure that is checked and business is unchecked. Then switch when it's a business contact. So not super convenient.

That said... it works and is enough of a solution to put me at ease staying on MIUI... because it is pretty awesome.

Just posting all this in case it is helpful to others.