Delivery Reports in the form of a sound?


Nov 7, 2010
One thing I loved about my iPhone was when you sent a text and just threw your phone down, you'd hear a little sound go off to let you know your text sent.

I really wish MIUI had this but all the devs are Chinese speakers and it makes it really hard to suggest things like this.

How would one go about asking them to do this? Google translate is almost unbearable. They don't understand any of it. Plus I can't even figure out how to post a thread anymore over there with their new layout.

ARE there english speaking devs over there? And if so, do they lurk here?

This would be an easy addon that i'm sure many people would love.
They are all Chinese. If u want it for your phone please speak to your rom dev,but might be something we can add as a setting definitely :)
Mark and the boys do listen and suggest stuff to the main developers too.
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I don't think mark likes me very much but maybe if someone here who speaks Chinese can suggest it to them? (even mark)

I have an Evo and I think bcnice has enough hassle porting the rom as it is.
i'll add it to the suggested features list.