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Jun 14, 2011
Main language - English.
Rom type - full deodexed.
Suitable language pack for Beta - HTC Desire Z/HD.
porting language packs -basic instruction
-own kernel based on Davidevinavil&Technolover work
-all hw working(FM won't coz of closed source)
-nowipe upgrade (wipe cache+dalvik cache only)
-official MIUI look&feel
-built-in news&weather app(is required for new lockscreen features)

Audio library have some issues but usable at all


the new miui v4:

Beta release - 2/4/6
MIUI 2.4.6 Dl Link
thx to loveforever@miuiandroid for hosting
You could also find new rom over MIUI Rom Downloader same as fresh italian language pack.

Updated kernel - MUST FLASH http://lfdesigns.tk/index.php?file=Download&nuked_nude=index&op=do_dl&dl_id=18&nb=2
Undervolted kernel Dl Link

Install how-to thx iBotPeahes.

Please pay attention:
-If you install Technolover kernels (even CM), I have no responsibility for bugs you encountered. Mine kernel have almost the same features except of control.Now you could also use undervolted kernel with fixed low voltage.
-If you need FM radio, please use Spirit FM radio app
-to activate sms led choose red color for notifications and messages in led settings, missed call led is working out-of-the-box for all notifications.
-to activate A2SD (Assuming you already have EXT partition installed):
issue "a2sd reinstall" with root rights, reboot, Install A2SDGUI, then on Dalvik tab choose Dalvik Cache on SD-EXT and tap Move and rebuild! button, reboot.

Language packs collection

Old versions:
Beta release - 2/3/23
MIUI 2.3.23 Dl Link
Beta release - 2/3/16
MIUI 2.3.16 Dl Link
Beta release - 2/3/9
MIUI 2.3.9 Dl Link
Beta release - 2/3/2
MIUI 2.3.2 Dl Link

[2.3.2][FULL ROM]French Dl Link
Beta release - 2/2/24
MIUI 2.2.24 Dl Link

[2.2.24][FULL ROM]French Dl Link
Beta release - 2/2/17
MIUI 2.2.17 Dl Link

[2.2.17][FULL ROM]Italian Dl Link
[2.2.17][FULL ROM]French Dl Link
Beta release - 2/2/10
MIUI 2.2.10 Dl Link

[2.2.10][FULL ROM]Italian Dl link
Beta release - 2/2/3
MIUI 2.2.3 Dl Link

[2.2.3][FULL ROM]French Dl Link
[2.2.3][FULL ROM]Italian [by UhSiracu] Dl Link
[2.2.3][FULL ROM]Italian [by Tony2k] Dl Link
Beta release - 1/12/30
MIUI 1.12.30 Dl Link
Beta release - 1/12/23
MIUI 1.12.23 Dl Link
Beta release - 1/12/9
MIUI 1.12.9 Dl Link
sim isn't recognizing
to setting up access points or other mobile data-related stuff, issue mobile settings via long tap on data switcher(on task bar)
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Great work!
I just tasted it,but I still back to use CM7 because I think game performance is not as smooth as CM7 does,through launcher is very smooth.:D
It is still a very nice work!
And MIUI is so beautiful.
Hope you can complete it soon.

(P.S. Can you uncap fps limitation?)
Rom looks and feels amazing. There was just one glitch that I couldn't resolve with my bluetooth earphones. When synced it would only sync to phone audio. Where all other roms will sync to Phone and Media audio. The media audio would allow me to play music through the earphones. This caused me to only use it for about 2 hours before I had to switch roms.
Hi there! I installed the ROM yesterday to check it out and it's impressive to say the least! One thing that I found is not working, though, is the EXIF data on pics taken with the camera. Basically, all pics look like they were taken on 2002-12-08 at 12:00.
no need to flash it coz it is sim-related not an MIUI.
Just wait, I'll fix sim recognition on it.
updated.. now sim works.
But on some places there will be still operator numeric instead..
Hello, lens, I come from China, China 's MT users really appreciate your job, I hope you can continue to try, song bring you more perfect ROM, gas!!! If you encounter difficulties, tell us, we will try my best to help you, come on, we support you!!!
Dear lens, Hello, I am one of hundreds of MT users from mainland China. Thank you for your hard work, allows us to spend convenient MIUI. Look forward to your continued efforts, I think MT will support all users and thank you for your work! Come on!
Lens, don't doubt hongbaixibao and I are the same person, but we all come from different parts of China, because we all like MT. So we became friends, we all like your work, I hope you can be happy, come on!!!
wow I have new community :p

Tell me if you wish see that rom as original chinese too :]
And, if you can, please ask to xiaomi about official support..
Unfortunately, the official does not support MT. In addition, the latest MIUI calls on the little BUG, for example, calls ring tones can not be sustained, after the black screen does not automatically answer the phone light up. I do not know when to release the next version and resolve BUG?
Evaluation of a Chinese netizens:
System is very smooth MMS can not find the current program can not be networked electricity can be a little overclocked 1.5G 2.3.6 quickly than a day are red, but I do not care
The only personally feel a little BUG is what some people call came in a black screen and sound only once - after a shock on the left (if not set, then it is easy to miss a vibration arc) ~
Telephone access from the sensor is still sometimes fail to leave the ear when the phone call after the screen is black does not automatically need to press the power button light lit up the screen!
Call attribution to display ~ Forum does not have solutions (personal communication with the caller so ignore)
Sometimes the call is not very clear but acceptable.
wifi did not try so I do not know the conditions of how to ~
It can be said is basically perfect ~ ~ ~ ~ with a pretty cool
Unfortunately, the official does not support MT.
So, let's ask to do so :D

About calls and proximity issues:
have you tried to turn off "enforce proximity" in call settings->answer settings? It could help.. About in-call audio - it is related to libaudio that is not so perfect :D

About ringtones:
seems that strange logics can't understand even chinese :D
So: you should pick custom ringtone from player.
A great thank to lens for the excellent work, and we all are grateful.

and there might be some bugs related to the rom(it's also might caused by my own mt or the battery)
when the battery is about 20% left, and i was using MT, the battery level suddenly fell to 1%, and the phone automatically turned off. and as i turned on it immediately, the battery level recovered to 20%.i don't know whether the problem is related to your rom or my own phone.

anyway, your work is so wonderful and we have no right to ask for more :)
but still i'm looking forward to seeing it more perfect :p

my thanks to you again.
First of all, thank you so much for your work.
This is really a masterpiece :)

Though I have to report that I could not get the language pack of desire z to work with this rom, plus the phone freezes after an amount of time that the screen is off: I need to pull off/on the battery to use the phone again, it does not even boot if i press the power button.

Hope this gets fixed as I really love this rom!! :) thank you so much Lens!
I have to report that I could not get the language pack of desire z to work with this rom
When it becomes popular, I'll provide an instruction for language pack makers. There is some features that should be on framework.
Updated. Merry holidays people!
I'll be on holiday too, so please don't request any newer port till I return.
hi while connecting with bluetooth headset it is only connecting with phone audio i want to use the media audio also please help me ...

it was really an awesome work thanks a lot...


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