[dev]MIUIandroid-Liquid Mt port

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ok just one "major" bug due to MIUI LED managment...

all notification/miss call led are not working...

I saw in CM7 was working, can that be changed... and fixed ?
After some test, seems have to wait like 1mn to see first blinking notification

Settings are
Notification : RED
Message : RED
Call : Green (Default)

Notification works... but not always...
Call not work
how to test properly... I remember in CM there is an option to can "check" the LED

is there any APK does that

- check LED
- fake miss call
- fake notification
- fake message

you see what I mean...
How is going on the ICS version for MT ?

From what I see in the ICS changelog, couple of improvement are appreciable... I am looking forward into it :D

continue your great work.

I wish I could help more...
lens_flare .... could you do the incremental 2.4.6 please...
or explain me how I could proceed from the patchrom to get upgraded...

I have 2 Acer MT so one is for testing and dev purpose. I would be pleased to can upgrade or test...

thanks a lot
Downloading :D
I was wondering why it's always a full ROM to download and not just an update ?
unless it's a real total upgrade...

Anyway... you do a great job and because of you I like my phone again, was about to change it because was sluggy, slow, and boring... now it's a real lovely phone ... (but I will change phone anyway but keep this phone in emergency one)
I was wondering why it's always a full ROM to download and not just an update ? unless it's a real total upgrade...
because it is not in miui rules.
you could always update without wipe data, isn't it enough?
Hi lens! I've tried your new kernel, but my phone was stuck on the acer logo at boot: I've flashed the old one to solve the problem. I'm running miui 2.3.9
try 4.9 now.. those who uses newer rom please update kernel to specified in 1'st page (no-undervolted variant).
Also with 4.9, same problem... so maybe is the old version of miui.. later I'll try flashing the last one!
But it's a bit strange because I've been using your undervolted kernel since you started building it, now with 3.25 I've no problem.. however, I'll give it another try in the afternoon and I'll let you know! ;)
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