Dialer bug when using hebrew interface

Jan 7, 2015

I recently bought a Redmi Note and found that there is a bug on the Phone dialer when setting the system interface to hebrew.
Because hebrew is a RTL language, somebody at xiaomi thought that they should reverse numbers also: when in phone dialer, one sees the numbers on the dialpad exactly like in english interface. The problem is that, when one presses number 1 then 3 is dialed and when pressing number 3 then 1 is dialed and so on.
I would like to pass this message to the developers of the system. Can somebody help with this?
I have updated the phone to the last firmware available OTA.

Thank you in advance,
Feb 25, 2015
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The problem is that when you start to use the T9 local language - a set does not work, and use the Latin alphabet.
Please fix it.
TeleService from miui.su Rom working correctly.