Editing individual sections of input text


Sep 27, 2012
Hey guys. I've been using MIUI since yesterday, and I tried searching for the resolution to this, but quite frankly I didn't know how to phrase it because my searches were yielding a broad variation of thread topics.

Preliminary info:
-Samsung Galaxy SIII - I9300 (intl)
-JB 4.0.4
-I'm not exactly sure on how I check what kernel I'm running, it doesn't say anything in the 'about phone' section.
-Using Swiftkey 3 (though I don't think this actually has anything to do with my problem, as it happens when I'm using the stock keyboard that comes with MIUI.

Alright, so, my question: in the stock JB, when you are typing text using a keyboard in whatever app (i.e. posting on someone's wall on Facebook or typing a Whatsapp/SMS, etc...), if you want to edit a section of your text, you could long press the specific section of text you wanted to edit and either

a- an anchor would appear to allow you to more accurately move between individual letters


b- a magnifier would appear to allow you to move between individual letters that way.

Now, with MIUI, neither of those things are happening which, for somebody as big-handed as myself, is a little bit of an inconvenience as I cannot accurately maneuver through individual sections of text further back in my body of text.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance, guys.