Experiencie of use (opinion) Poco x3 pro


Oct 26, 2021
I have installed miui 12.5.5 by xiaomi.eu So far everything is fine, I just have a few questions and opinions regarding to some things that in my opinion could be implemented in future updates and that would be very good...
- will you upgrade to the new game turbo?

-It would be great if you add the new cast function in the menu? (I'll add screenshots to what I mean)this is a very usefull function in my opinion but even so I don't see this feature And the bad thing is that we cannot manually update the system apps in this case.

- It would also be good if you add in the notification center the option to add "unimportant" (Group unimportant notifications) I saw the option at the beginning but then the function disappeared I do not know why, but it did not appear anymore and in my opinion I did not see it so well implemented as in other roms, because it did not group the notifications well


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