Experimental desktop mode?


Jun 21, 2011
I enabled the experimental desktop mode in developer settings, and connected to a USB-C dock with an external screen.

The basic functionality seems to be there, because the screen activated and I could move the mouse cursor around the whole screen, but otherwise it was just entirely black.
Changing to light mode got me a mostly white screen, and locking the phone made a grey lock screen show up on the secondary screen.

Is there any software available that can make use of the secondary screen? Are there plans to add something more to make the feature useful? Am I missing some other setting that enables running apps on it?

I'm just curious, because it would be awesome to be able to run more desktop-like apps on an external screen, or at least play fullscreen videos on it.

Xiaomi 14 -


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Hi I am testing it with Xiaomi 14 I got exactly the same a white screen with a bar and just the mouse cursor.
Is there a one from support who can fix it. It seems to work with the tablets..