[Feature request] Ability to move the volume slider/sound bar

Dec 3, 2020
Recently I came up with an idea that might be helpful, after encoutering a problem:
The way the volume slider is positioned mamy times prevents me from pressing what I want behind it.
Like in yt, the "skip ad" button ~is hidden behind it and pressing anywhere on the screen while the ad plays it may redirect me to the ad site, so I ~have to wait every now and then a few seconds before the video plays.
Also, it may cause issues when playing games.
My suggestion is that the slider would have the ability to be moved, from the settings, in (almost) any place on the screen, so as it doesn't cover frequently used areas. Like in games where you ~can adjust the position of the buttons. I ~don't know how easy that may be, but sounds good. Or if it's easier, to atleast be able to flip/mirror its position (to the left).
What I mean about the skip button (I kinda tend to adjust the sound before and after the ads):