Feature to Have Widget Folder in Alphabetical Order?

The Batman

Mar 3, 2011
Hello to the developers out there that are in particular, connected to the Chinese devs.

This is an idea I took from D Rock over at www.miui.us.

As the title of the post states, I believe that it would be a good idea to have options for the widget folder. To be more precise, to have the same options that other folders that we create on our homescreens.

For example, when we tap the screen and hold, and we tap on the widget drop-down button which shows the user all of the available widgets, these are all mostly in the order of whatever was added. My thoughts are to have the option added to put them in alphabetical order or whatever the other options are in the regular folder option menu.

Confusing? Maybe..Lol.
I've always liked how CM handles Widgets where you see a list the Widgets by category, and when you click on one, you get a list of the "sub-Widgets." For example, when the widget list is invoked by long-pressing the screen, I see one entry for something like Beautiful Widgets and when I press on it, I get a list of all the available BW Widgets.

I hope that made sense. The CM users will get it.
Would be great to have the Appwidgetpicker.apk function from CM7. Grouped widgets are the way to go or at least alphabetical.