New Galaxy Nexus 2.8.17 HF LP


Nov 21, 2010
Hey Guys, I think there are 2 bugs on galaxy nexus 2.8.17 HF (i do have Language pack)

Not sure of I should add them to the existing thread, so started a new one.

1. Adjusting focus in camera (tapping on the screen in the camera app) causes a force close. (Discard this one, I wanted to make a logcat, but it wouldn't force close anymore).
2. Position of on screen buttons are adjustable, but when changing from portrait to landscape buttons are not in de right order (the changes in portrait aren't shown in landscape). (Not exactly the same issue as reported in the other thread.)

Further a request for the auto brightness: I feel its often too low especially when there is little environment light. On the GB versions this could be changed (cyanogenmod feature), but that feature is not in the ICS/JB roms.
Is it possible for the MIUI team to tweak the auto brightness in low light environments?