German(EU) XIAOMI poco x6 pro activate call record ***very important***


May 3, 2022
My poco x6 pro arrived today, I really need the call record function, so I have already used the xiaomi.EU on my poco f3 unfortunately I can't find an EU for the X6 Pro, does anyone know about it? my location is germany and there is no call record by default. which OS can i install to get the function in my x6 pro? thank you
Devices using SoC from MediaTek are not supported here.

Currently, your only option is to install Global ROM for Indonesia.
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thanks for the information, are there any disadvantages to using a global rom from indonesia in the european union?

and where can I find Global ROM for Indonesia.?
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are you still using it? where is your location and where can I get it? does the warranty remain valid if an indonesian rom is installed?
Thank you very much! Does the Indonesian rom have all the languages available? German and Greek would be particularly important to me.
i assume updates also run automatically? so what's wrong with the indonesian rom? is there a good guide to installing the bootloader? thanks again
can nobody help me with flashing the indonesian rom? if i understand correctly, this is not so easy with devices with hyperOS, is that right?
True, now it is possible for global devices "back then" this method was not yet known.
This is absolutely true.
But Xiaomi is taking a risky path by making it harder and harder to access alternative ROMs, friends of mine have left the brand because of it.
I've just put the indonesian rom on my poco x6 pro, and it works for recording call with google dialer,
I could first unlock the bootloader by installing the last mi community apk (xxxx.32) choosing global community at startup of the app, and then I had the unlock BL option in my profile. The last 2022 mi flash tool reports error on my PC (didn't find the /log ...), so I used the 2020 version, and it works, at the end of flash process, after 380 seconds, (option clean all) it reports an error (because it checks a file at the end that is not present in the program directory, I saw after that an option to delete the instruction in mi flash config), but the flash process is OK in fact and the phone seems ok. I booted the phone and configured indonesia for the region (to avoid any region limitation issue, don't know if it's a deal) and my language (french), and checked to record call automatically and without notif.
I was struggling with xiaomi for 4 months to unlock my mi 11 lite 5g (mi unlock error "this device is not activated"), after about hundred messages with them, no help at all! So after making many tricks, my mi 11 lite is with a indian rom, but was bought with a global one (but the imei seems indian), and as I put it without unlock, it's totally unstable for call, I don't manage to put the global rom again...So xiaomi is really going the bad way imho, it's a shame to refuse unlocking bootloader...
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can someone write me a step by step guide inc links to the programs you need on how to install an indonesian rom? How does it look with the ganranty?
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I have a poco x6pro, I unlocked the BotLoader, but now I'm looking for instructions to install the Indonesia rom??? I'm confused! some roms are installed with twrp, others with the miflash tool!? :). I'm also interested in recording calls? :). so I'm waiting for a tutorial on how to do it for poco x6 pro :))