Gingerbread MIUI 1.5.27 Greek pack for Desire,DesireHD and Galaxy S


Nov 15, 2010
Installation notes

If you re new to MIUI wipe data/factory reset,wipe partition cache and dalvik cache
If you re just updating from previous wipe partition cache and dalvik cache.
Install chinese deoxeded
Install Greek pack without leaving recovery.
Reboot and you 're done

Notes regarding A2SD
If A2SD is not working for any reason,wipe data/factory reset,wipe partition cache,wipe dalvik cache and flash the rom with the pack.After first boot install terminal emulator and type:
A2SD reinstall

The phone will reboot.After it boots then you can type
A2SD cachesd

Download for HTC Desire
Greek pack:

Download for Desire HD
Greek pack:

Download for Samsung Galaxy S
Greek pack:
Flash it and it works like a charm...

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finn you are the best... thank you very much.

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Sorry for being inactive but it was really busy.I need to make some money once in a while after all :D
Very good job man!
Will you and the package to the Galaxy;
1 of the month will buy you beers !!!!!!!
What is chinese?
Did you have previously some other version?
You need to wipe partition cache and dalvik cache before flashing the packet.
Yeah pal I've done it 10 times to do the same!
But I try, but Chinese and English Greek nowhere
The old version that I had in my working properly
Download morelocale2 from the market and set language to greek.i hope this fixed the problem
Anevazo tora.To kana ksana ap tin arxi.Kapia malakia egine kai den mpikan ta ellinika mesa.
Xilia eyxaristo file!!!!!
To xanadokimazo kai soy leo!
Einai koryfi i rom kai einai krima na min exoyme Ellhnika!

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I ll try to find some time and do it for Galaxy S only.Not many important changes in this version.
Just be patient two more days.On friday i m gonna release update pack for miui 1.6.10
Φιλε προβλημα!
Τα Ελληνικα βγαζουν τετραγωνακι οπως σου ειχα πει με το μαμα θεμα αλλα οταν βαλεις αλλο θεμα και ερθουν στα ισια τους τα Ελληνικα εχει πολλα forse close σε ρυθμισεις και δεν ερχωνται οι εισερχωμενες κλησεις!