Google voice recognition search' doesn't work.


Oct 5, 2011
Hi friends,
First of all, congratulations on this site and forum!
Second of all, my English is very bad!

I'm using Galaxy S2..
I just finished to install the HebMIUI Rom, version 1.9.23 ...
I really liked the design, comfort and everything!

Only one thing really bothers me, I can not run any software that allows voice recognition..
I tried several programs including Google search but they all tell me I need "Google voice recognition" and even give me a link to Market.. (something like "").
But when I click the link all I gets is a blank page "No Results Found".

Does anyone have any idea why this happens?? And how to fix it??
In the previous ROM that I had it worked smoothly, and now I'm used to work with it ..

Thanks for helping,
Gil. :)