Google voice to receive SMS code from Xiaomi and unlock bootloader?


Oct 15, 2023
How can I use Google Voice to get the message with the verification code and enter it on the Mi unlock tool to unlock the bootloader. I have a Poco X5 pro and need to unlock its bootloader but I never receive the SMS with the verification code. I recently read that some have used Google Voice to receive it and it's been successful. Can you help me do that? I've almost tried everything but this and it's really frustrating when they don't send you a message. Can you help me please?
please I have a problem in recieving international messages help to fix the problem
Check what you're doing. I had the same issue and it was because when I entered my email and password, after entering my phone number (all on the app) there was a Captcha and I was filling it wrong. I wrote everything in lower case letters and it must be in upper case letters. Check that. Also, try downloading the newest version.