1. H

    Mi Mix 2 Stuck in FASTBOOT after factory reset

    I wanted to install the fresh MIUI 12 on my Mi Mix 2. I downloaded the ROM after that i cleaned my downloads folder but forgot that I erased the ROM from my Phone that was in the Downloads folder. Not knowing that I booted straight into TWRP. I wiped System, Dalvik, Cache and Factory reseted my...
  2. K

    stuck in fastboot loop

    hi today i tried to root my mi9t i download the adb and fastboot and then i downloaded the roms i dont know what went wrong but my phone is stuck now in fastboot every time i restart maybe i have put the wrong roms maybe the mi9 ones please help me out i would appreciate every bit of help keshet,
  3. F


    fui trocar rom CH - GLOBAL e ocorreu esse erro depois disso meu aparelho esta em um loop fastbootpreciso de ajuda, ja tentei de tudo
  4. K

    New Help me please, important :(

    Hi! I have a problem with my redmi note 6 pro: there is a "fastboot" icon on the screen, and i cant turn on my phone... i tried to connect it to my computer and go to MiPCsuite, but here comes another problem: my phone doesn't recognize the charger; the led doesn't turns on and my computer...
  5. Kocha12

    Stuck in Fastboot and won't connect to PC

    My Redmi K20 Pro (Exclusive Edition) is stuck in a Fastboot loop and it doesn't connect to the PC in Fastboot. It does connect when I go to "Connect with me Assistant" in Recoverymode but the Mi PC suite doesn't find it. I tried to flash the ru ROM with MiFlash to get back to MIUI 10, but this...
  6. claudio0222

    Xiaomi mi 8 se problems

    At the moment of wanting to go to the stable version of miui 11, it rebooted and I stayed on the fastboot screen, the black screen comes out when I want to use miflash or miflashpro, and when I try to use adb I get the following image what is the solution? has a solution? :( thank you very much
  7. D

    A terrible mistake: deleted my ROM on Mi 9T

    Hello everyone, I got my phone unlocked, SW did a full wipe, then I flashed TWRP which showed weird file names. I looked into the problem and they say it's because the phone is encrypted. Okay, no problem, I deleted the usuals (at least I thought), but before that I copied the latest MIUI.EU...
  8. S

    Xiaomi device got blank screen after flash a rom, need help :'(

    I am trying to flash android Q beta into K20 pro today and as a result it got blank now. I bought this device which come with global rom as seller claim and every time it's reboot, there is a word that said, it's unlocked. Today, I found this website...
  9. Byness

    [Mi8 SE][Help]Dont accept most fastboot commands

    Hi my name is Ricardo as this is my "story" i have a mi8 se with latest 10.3 stable rom from, and since i installed that rom version, my twrp( that i dont remember the version) stopped working, recovery mode just get stuck um the mi logo and says above " unlocked", but thats not the...
  10. K

    MI8 SE stuck in fatboot + mi flash done in 1 sec

    Hello, i've just flash TWRP, and now my phone is stuck in fastboot mode. I've tried to flash the original rom ... but i can't... i get got this errors.. Can you help me? ... kj-sX3KQWf6g612fpBH
  11. O

    Re-Locking Bootloader is being impossible

    So, I have a Mi8 with the "official Global Stable ROM" and the "MI-Recovery 3.0", but I have the Bootloader locked. OEM is enabled, and I have tried several methods. Mi Flash Tool is working when I select "clean all" option, it flashes normally and works. But whenever I try to lock the...
  12. T

    [Mi 8 Se] Can't install TWRP

    Hi Im trying to flash twrp on my mi 8 se wich has global custom rom installed from new and it's not working. When i try fastboot boot twrp.img it finishes with status okay, and then phone is stuck in dark screen and nothing happens. When i use fastboot flash recovery twrp.img it finishes...
  13. F

    cant boot into Fastboot

    Hello together, i want to update my Phone, but i cant. If i try to go into the fastboot mode i can only see the battery screen. I try booth modes. On booth modes the same problem. Maybe some one have the same problem in the past and have any solution for it. Yes, i know it that i will install...
  14. K

    A very basic tool for customizing boot splash image and fastboot image for MI PAD 4

    Just as the title shows, the tool is for logo.img customization on MI PAD 4. Here is the preview: Here is the link:
  15. darksniper87

    Flash TWRP on Mi 8 from Windows 10

    Did anyone had any luck flashing the TWRP using Windows 10? I have an unlocked Xiaomi Mi 8 CN phone. I have installed the ADB drivers from Xiaomi and when I execute `fastboot devices` it shows my connected device. But when I execute `fastboot flash recovery...
  16. E

    New Mix 2S booting when connected to pc while in TWRP Recovery

    Hi. I can't install anything on my device 'cause I need to Format Data before installing a ROM. Though, EVERYTIME I plug my phone to PC while in TWRP it just freezes and boots up. I was able to install TWRP 'cause the exactly moment after booting in TWRP I disconnected it from PC. Sometimes...
  17. B

    Minotepro Bootloop After 8.2 To 9.1 Update, Unable To Unlock Bl

    Hi, My MiNotePro had " MIUI 6..." on Android 5.1.1 and decided to try MIUI 9. I read [thread 42205] that I need to install latest MIUI on 5.1.1 before updating to Android 7.0. I tried to install "xiaomi.eu_multi_8.2.1.0-5.1" through Updater app but failed, same also in MiRecovery. So...
  18. H

    Mi5 Prime Permanent Bootloop, Please Help

    Hi, My Mi5 was running on 7.3.23 Rom. It restarted itself and then stuck on bootloop. Device is unlocked and I can enter Fastboot, TWRP or EDL mode. I tried Official Dev/Stable roms and Dev/Stable roms. I flashed via usb otg, twrp, adb sideload and miflash. Nothing changed...
  19. I

    Redmi Note 4 Fastboot Mode Not Working Properly

    hai so i just bought this phone, and long story short, the fastboot mode (volume down+power) will only display for about 10 seconds and then it will reboots itself into charging mode. doesn't matter if i use the key, or even use adb commands to get there. it will still reboot itself in short...
  20. A

    Hard Brick Mi5s

    Hello guys! Yesterday i decided to flash an older Global ROM since the new one had Wifi Problems for me. After i successfully flashed it, and tried to reboot it, it did not respond to any actions. The Screen is black, doesn't show a MI logo neither does it show a charging LED anymore. I cant...