Haptic Feedback Issue (feedback doubled) N1


Jan 8, 2011
When pressing a touch button with haptic feedback enabled, the device now (after 0.6.17 upgrade) vibrates once when button is pressed, and once more when finger is removed/button release.
This goes for all OS controlled haptic feedback events, like the Dialpad, the touch sensitive buttons under the screen on the Nexus One, Menu options in Market and much more.
This does not happen on haptic feedback events caused by 3rd party keyboards like Swiftkey, which give haptic feedback like normal, only when button is pressed, not again on release.

This could be an optional feature, for those who prefer it, or be removed entirely.

I don't know if this is a bug in the english version only, or if it should be posted in miui.cn forum, but since I don't speak chineese, I'll post it here, for the dev's to repost in chineese if required.


Jun 9, 2011
I am experiencing the same problem with my N1 too- it's gotten really irritating.. so much that I've stopped using the haptic feedback totally!

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May 3, 2011
do a complete wipe and fresh install. My brothers nexus one did that and a complete format solved it.