Having To Enter Pin Due To Losing Sim Connection.

May 16, 2015
Hello, I have the following problem:

Every once in a while I have to enter the PIN code again because it seems the phone loses the connection to the SIM card once in a while.

Is there any solucion for this I am actually using the MIUI 5.5.8 weekly build. And it started when I updated to this rom.

Edit: Updated to 5.5.15 and the problem remains.
Thanks in advance.
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Apr 28, 2015
Me too, im getting this problem since 5.4.17. Ive tested all roms Stables and Developers from Oficial Chinesse miui, Official Global Stables, all roms published in this forum and in Spanish comunity.

Seems to be a problem from miui but in the official forums there are only two or three persons with this problem. In Spanish comunity is very common....

I make a Bug Report in the official forum's Bug Section, but no one has confirmed this kind of problem...
Apr 27, 2013
Same here in France, and the problem is that my carrier use different network for 2g and 3g/4g... And I use a 3G router in my house...
So for now no solution for me?
If i need to select network every time it need a change.... Boring! ..... :(