Having to reboot Phone every time I go out in order to send or receive anything


Feb 20, 2019

I hope someone can help. My 6A works fine except for this one flaw - as soon as I leave home (or anywhere else where there is accessible WiFi coverage) it will no longer receive or send voice, text or data. It shows both cellular network signal strength and the 4g (or 3g) symbol, but if I try to call or text out I get a failed call/text notification as if no network is present. If I try to connect to Spotify or Gmaps I get a "no data network present" notification.

If I then re-boot the phone, everything works perfectly and missed call/text/mail notifications start to arrive. If I then re-enter accessible WiFI coverage, upon leaving I will have to re-boot the phone again before it will work.

Since there is no indication that network signal has been lost, I have to re-boot the phone continually to ensure that I'm not missing inbound contacts. It is driving me nuts - can anyone please tell me what's going on and, more importantly how to solve this problem?

Thanks very much