HELP - Blocked at loading screen


May 22, 2012
Hello folks !

I have a HTC Desire on which I've installed MIUI and I have been using this ROM for almost a year without any problem. I went to Hong Kong for a trip and on the second day my internet browser kept crashing so I tried to reboot my mobile but since then it is stuck at the black and pink loading screen. The pinkish waves at the bottom are still moving but I nothing happen ... Since I'm not an expert with this I kinda need some help here. =/

Thank you !
Try another browser if that doesn't work, go into settings/applications/browser and clear data/cache and try again.
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Cheers, MIUIandroid staff.
I think your phone is boot-looping, If I heard that correctly. I guess the easiest way is to just re-grab the latest MIUI GB, and reflash over your current build. Don't wipe anything. See if that works.