Xiaomi Hi-resolution contact photo's

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Feb 27, 2012
that looks great! I still can't believe Google doesn't support this with Google contacts.

Will this also work with contacts stored in Google Contacts and won't the hires pictures dissapear when you install a new MIUI release with a full wipe?
Mar 20, 2012
If you use Facebook Contact Sync a free app from the Play Store, you can have 512*512 images on your Facebook contacts and they look really nice on a call.
of course it is not HI Def but it is closer and it is working right now.
I'm wondering if we have to save our contatcs to the phone to see this because Google doesn't save HD pictures with your contacts. That means you have to import them every time you resync.

One feature that would be cool is to see a big picture in the contacts profile, like it is today on ICS, not that little picture you see now when you open a contact. See the pic to understand what I mean. That is the People app on android, and that is what you see when you open a contact. NOT like miui.


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