Invalid Homescreen icons bugged

Aug 8, 2020
So, last night my Redmi 7a updated to android 10. After the update, I noticed that the icons were malfunctioning. I thought maybe the themes were outdated, but no themes are actually working.
And the icons look so off, as if they're solid JPGs instead of PNGs with transparent backgrounds.
The clock has been bugged for quite some time as well and will not allow me to customise it. Help?
MIUI version is Global. :(
I'd love to at least reset everything back to default so the icons at least match each other.

I tried the og MIUI launcher (screenshot 2), POCO launcher (screenshot 1), LINE launcher, Microsoft launcher and NOVA launcher. All the same results.
Did not take screenshots of all since it seemed redundant.


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Igor Eisberg

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Oct 6, 2016
We are not Xiaomi Global, so report directly to the official Mi Community.