how mirecovery works?

Jan 29, 2014
can someone please give me a simple explanation about how does mirecovery work?

the stock phone has 2 systems.. system one and system two..
if i flash lets just say ROM 1.0 into system one and start using it.. then there is a new update released ROM 1.1.. i download it and install ROM 1.1 into system one. but unfortunately the file is corrupt or whatever and bricked my phone.. so i switch to system two, re-download the ROM 1.1 file again, and then flash it again.. but this time the file still corrupt or whatever happens again and brick it again.
(flash using update)

in this point, will the phone have 2 bricked systems? (dead phone,cant use it any longer)
or does the phone install the new ROM into other system (the one that is not currently use at the moment, like when i flash using updater in system one, the phone will install it into system 2)?

thank you..
Apr 4, 2014
OK, here is what I understand so far, so anyone correct me if I am wrong
1) the 2 systems are there as a safeguard.
2) if you do OTA updates on system 2, it does not touch system1 and vice versa.
3) if you do mi recovery flash rebooting from system1, you are only given the option to update system2 and vice versa. I did this, just this morning.
4) after rebooting ( automatically), you will be running system2. Which is the updated version.
5) if you got problems with system 2, you can now go into mirecovery and choose to reboot to system 1.
I learnt this the hard way.... Before I found the forum.

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Jan 12, 2013
@new2city is right
Only if you do OTA update/or select a ROM package in updater app it will install on the other system.
So for example I am on system1 and apply OTA, the OTA will be installed to system2.
Because the device is still activated it can't flash on the current system.
If you reboot in updater app after an update it will automatically reboot to the updated system.

If your system is broken you can reboot to the other system via MiRecovery.
If both systems are broken you can use MiFlash to fix your phone
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