How to disable adaptable storage and turn SD card into portable storage again?


Sep 14, 2013
I had this option when I inserted an SD card. Out of curiosity, I picked "Adaptive Storage", but I didn't like it. So I want to disable it.
Googling mentioned some ways. One would be to remove the SD card, which would cause the system to show a notification about a removed card, also allowing you to "forget" the card. No such thing happens on MIUI.
Another way would be to go to Settings > Storage and format the SD card from there, but I guess this setting is present only on stock Android, as I don't see it in MIUI.
Any ideas? :(

EDIT: well nevermind, just tried something and it worked. What I had to do is plug the SD card to my computer, but formatting the disks that showed up in Windows isn't enough. I used a partition management tool (Minitool Partition Wizard, for example) and removed all partitions on the SD card. Then I plugged it back into the phone and then it asked me to format the card. Went with portable this time. All seems good now.
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